** WE HAVE MOVED! We are now located in Lower Chiitering, we will be by bookings only and will have a pickup and delievery option available for our clients, **

Lower Chittering is located 40min drive from our old factory in Malaga.

We are Taking jobs again, please call 0447 385 122 or email visual@framecor.com.au for any questions –┬áRegards Management

At Framecor, we prove each day that the whole picture is far greater than the sum of its parts.

Excited by the potential to surpass traditional framing services, Framecor provides a huge range of framing related services.

From traditional blockmounting and laminating to conservation framing for limited edition pieces, Framecor provide a highly-skilled team of professionals with vast experience in their area.

But it is in the creative side of the business, that Framecor shines in.

Using some of your most treasured items (which could be resting at the bottom of a draw), Framecor can revive memories in a 3.-dimensional work with lasting and breathtaking effect.

Framecor go beyond framing with attention to detail, creative ability and a host of framing related services. After all, the frame is just the beginning..

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